2023-16-05 [DF 166 Confession]

Started by Lying Foo, May 15, 2023, 11:05:26 AM

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Lying Foo

Hahaha *coughcoughcoughsalbutamolpuff.*  (Don't normally call it that, but just like the date format, when in Rome.)  Isn't he still pretending to be engaged to Saturn, though?

(...actually, what's Dis's gender, if any?  Sorry, if it's been established, I can't remember, and I can't tell visually.  Never mind.  Going back over the archive, she's not as flat as I'd remembered.  I guess I shouldn't assume, but I'll go with "she" tentatively.)
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In just a few pages back we see the others using she/her pronouns

Also I imagine the shock of confessing in front of his "fiancĂ©" will roll over splendidly stupidly. Mort is gonna "break up" with Saturn and say to Dis that she's more his type and Dis is gonna be all "woooah, you'd truly pick me over the Shadowslayer herself? I don't know what to say! 🤭"

Meanwhile, I picture someone in the Kembrey Crew must be witnessing this
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