Heh, I hate to be a pest, but here's something fun...

Started by Technoire, February 19, 2008, 11:21:12 AM

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For future reference, is there a specific thread or a separate image board where one can post fanart-type things? I don't want to upset anyone or unintentionally spam...
I had wanted to donate to Amber's car fund but as it is I have enough financial problems on my plate already, so I thought I would make something fun for the artist and fans to giggle at... Maybe this has been done before, but either way, here is a DMFA edit of the popular DoTA Furry Rave, DDR themed. :3 (And I left out Dan's head-wings out fo respect for him and because I'm sure he'd patch them over if going out dancing in public.)
And since HTML doesn't work.... Here's just the URL. e_e'

Warning: Contains music.

(I did cite my references, both DMFA and Furaffinity, but I'm not sure where the copyrights will show up...)
Have a great day!


Edits of DMFA are currently being posted in the Meme thread in the 'Lost Lake' section.
Art in general (DMFA, CVRPG, anything else) go in the 'Tower of Art'.

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Ren Gaulen

Nice work on the edit, by the way. Made me laugh a bit, especially "tall" Wildy (or is it Daniel who is short there?).


What Eowyn types-  rrryhaaaaaaaaahhhhooott,,,,,,,,,,cccooooooooo

What Eowyn says- Dance? yay, cool dance!

What Eowyn means- shake that groove thing hot stuff!


Erk... How do I delete this thread? I was under the impression DMFA-related art was okay to post here, but it seems I should have instead posted it to Lost Lake's "Memes" thread, and I would really hate to upset anyone with my noobish ignorance. x_x'


Oh, uh, I guess I can't delete my own posts. Well then, Next MOD who reads this, can you delete this thread, as well as this one:
These were posted by me in the wrong place, and it's really not my intention to spam, so I'd be much obliged if these could be removed so I don't make the regulars here angry, since it seems uncomfortably easy to do, in my past experience on message boards. x_x'
I am so sorry guys -- I'll get it right eventually! :3

llearch n'n'daCorna

Meh. Leave em, let them fall idle, and move on.

It's as good as any other way.
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