[2023/28/3] [Merc 29] The Larder

Started by Lying Foo, March 27, 2023, 08:41:09 PM

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Lying Foo

Spoiled?  Why the Fels has the bar got spoiled food in the larder?  Do they think if they're drunk enough they won't notice?  Well... I hope they pay their latrine custodian well...

(Actually, can they can?  Or I guess Merlin would say, tin?)
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My guess is that it's some sort of moon rise curse. In the daytime it looks like a regular inn and you perceive it as a regular inn, including drink, food, and patrons. And then like... nighttime is zombie time.

If I had to guess what magics would go into a curse like that, I'd guess Change, Time, and incredibly powerful perception magic.
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