04/02/23 [RE 79.03] Playful children

Started by Lying Foo, February 03, 2023, 05:07:51 PM

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Lying Foo

...Leo, is that you?

Regardless, I'm about 90% sure that's a trickster, if not Jake himself.
Itsuwari, osore, kyoshoku, urei - samazama wa negative ni torawareru hodo yowaku wa nai, kodoku mo shiranu Trickster.


Lol, top reasons I was concerned about making his outfit orange was "does he look too much like Leo"
...By Puyon


wait have i ever drawn leo doing a prank? i can only remember him being helpful

leo might be a really bad trickster...


I think the closest we've seen to Leo pranking is him ending up as collateral in Peony's prank in RE vol 17

Or maybe in vol 58 where he goes to DHS to ask Mana if she's a vampire, but I think he was being sincere then

......Merlin I think we need to see Leo doing a pranking
...By Puyon


Leo never jokes about vampyrs

alright sold. yes we need pranky leo