2015/06/10 [Peony #43] - Connections

Started by Tapewolf, June 10, 2015, 04:55:39 AM

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I think Peony hasn't quite got the passive resistance thing down pat yet.
Also it's kind of disorienting to see the comics actually update on the day they're for rather than one day ahead - fun with timezones.

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At least we know she'll get it eventually. It's really weird seeing Peony as a bad trickster since we've know her for years for being a good(?) one.

Also it still updates a day early for me here haha. Around 10 PM I've seen it update... which is 12 hour later than I'm used to but I still keep checking the page during class for updates haha
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The update times are messing with me. I usually update 2 hours early (I should really just accept that the site pretty much runs on New Zealand time :P) and my main laptop clock's still on home time... so I keep putting the wrong date on everything and going 'wait hang on...'

Now it's just "whenever I am at a hotel at night and vaguely sensible". My body's still on AEST anyway, the sooner I get un-jetlagged the easier this will be :V