About the Clockwork Mansion

The Clockwork Mansion is comprised of a forum and supporting pages for that community. If you’re interested in joining the forum please make sure to read the Rules and FAQs. Membership in the community is contingent upon your reading, understanding, and agreeing to abide by those rules.

  • Forum: The main event, the Clockwork Mansion Forums.
  • Rules: All rules and requirements for the Clockwork Mansion Forums. Makes sure you read (and understand) these in full.
  • FAQs: Additionaly questions and answers about the forum, detailing further requirements you should be aware of.

Network Sites

The Clockwork Mansion services many sites, each a growing part of the site’s network.

  • Castlevania: the Inverted Dungeon: An extensive site convering all topics Castlevania (including Bloodstained, ,Metroid, related games, horror cinema, literature, and more). Created by Mike Finkelstein.
  • Asteroid G: Movies, music, comics, theater, literature, food, podcasts, and life. If it doesn’t fit on the Inverted Dungeon then it goes on Asteroid G, the popculture site created and overseen by Mike Finkelstein.
  • Castlevania RPG: Follow the team! Read the adventures! Flee from the first signs of danger! This is the webcomic Castlevania RPG, where the adventuring is easy, since it's so rarely accomplished properly. Created by Mike Finkelstein.
  • DSWC: The companion webcomic to Castlevania RPG, detailing the (silly) adventures of (that moron) Richter Belmont. Created by Mike Finkelstein.
  • DMFA: The on-going adventures of an adventurer (Dan), a fae (Mab), a drake (Pip), and many more colorful characters (etc, etc). Created by Amber Williams.
  • Project Future: An unofficial webcomic set in the universe of DMFA. Created by J.P. Morris & M.Missingham, S.Steblinskiy et al.
  • DHS Comix: A site full of many, many webcomics. Created by Merlin Missingham, with some additional contributors.