Back when all that existed of ICVD was a forum, a handful of pages came about for the forum users. These included a list of rules, a list of emotes, a timeline, and a photo album. Now, these pages are here on Clockwork Mansion:

Clockwork Mansion Forums

Rules: The forum rules for the Clockwork Mansion Forums.

FAQ: A rundown of rules and basic info for the CMForums, MCed by Katrina and Princess.

Network Sites

Clockwork Mansion Forums: The official forums for the Inverted Dungeon Network.

The Inverted Dungeon: The strange and silly Castlevania site run by Darkmoon.

DMFA: The on-going adventures of an adventurer (Dan), a fae (Mab), a drake (Pip), and many more colorful characters (etc, etc).

Castlevania RPG: Follow the team! Read the adventures! Flee from the first signs of danger! This is Castlevania RPG, where the adventuring is easy, since it's so rarely accomplished properly.

DSWC: The companion comic to Castlevania RPG, detailing the (silly) adventures of (that moron) Richter Belmont.