[2023-07-24] [RE 80.20] Nothing More Important?

Started by Lying Foo, July 23, 2023, 11:10:02 AM

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Lying Foo

...Fels, Saturn.  You've been around, more or less, for two thousand years - you should be smarter than this.  Did Mars, Merc, and Phoebe all make it to their second childhoods?  Even so, that's no excuse for you as a teen.
Itsuwari, osore, kyoshoku, urei - samazama wa negative ni torawareru hodo yowaku wa nai, kodoku mo shiranu Trickster.


Maybe being super ancient is why Saturn is stupid. For her, her life and the perception of her identity has been boiled down to "She's really good at killing this one monster."

So after she does the one thing she was put on this planet for, it's time for full stupid.

Living so long is probably the reason she's so jaded and lackadaisical. She's seen it all. Been through it. Nothing seems of monumental purpose any more, except for that one thing she has to do, and then she does it and then what.

Not excusing her, but she is very funny for being the world's most important hero and just not caring for the idolatry that comes with it.

EDIT:: Ironic that the Shadow Slayer makes disillusionment her hobby considering her true origins.

...By Puyon


It's definitely one of the ways people handle extreme aging. Though sometimes they go the opposite way and get so fixated on making things stay the same that they become obsessed with rules and order and take everything way too seriously.